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Dark Shadows

2 Oct

I have not written a post for a good month on here since I have been finishing my degree and getting engaged (!) so to get back into the swing of things I thought I would write a short little post about the recent DVD release Dark Shadows directed by Tim Burton. I had heard that this was not one of Tim’s finest films, but I found it hilarious, there was so much humour that was subtle and clever that I found it thoroughly entertaining! Johnny Depp was amazing as always, portraying Barnabas the vampire (a cross between Jack Sparrow and Dracula!) but unusually Helena Bonham Carter had a fairly small role in comparison. Chloe Moretz plays a great character as usual, definitely an actress to watch out for.

It was quite shocking in places with the violence and sexual scenes, so I would say not a film for younger kids! Even I jumped in a few places and I am nearly 25! :/

Here is a taster for those who are interested in seeing it! 😛