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The sweet taste of cyber space!

13 Jan

I have nothing but good things to say about! I recently bought a box of goodies from them to try some tasty American sweets and I loved it! There are a lot of American candy shops or sweet shops around at the moment that sell hard to come by items, but I find that they charge the earth! Cybercandy is reasonably priced and their delivery was prompt!

I felt like a child when my order arrived, barely able to stop myself from tearing into it, to take this photo of the cool packaging!

You have the option to buy mystery boxes in various sizes to help take the choice out of the hundreds of tasty treats but I opted for picking a few select pieces, trying some new things.


In the end I ordered some oreo cereal, some nerds (reminded me of my childhood!), some cookie dough bites, a marshmallow peep, some laffy taffy, some pop tarts and I had ordered something but it was out of stock, but they replaced it with something else, these cute little chocolate filled panda biscuits. I also ordered a few sodas, which I will review in a separate post!

I have to say my favourite thing in the box was the marshmallow peep! it was just so fun biting into it and seeing the colourful gooey inside!

IMG_1138                                                                                                                           IMG_1139

There is something so good about chocolate and marshmallow together and the funky shapes and colours that the peeps come in make it extra special!

I wasn’t as struck with the cookie dough bites. I was expecting to taste cookie dough reminiscent of the dough you get inside haagen-dazs ice cream, but it wasn’t as nice. The taste of the pieces was nice but had an odd after taste of alcohol…which after perusing the packet I realised came from the chocolate liquor as part of the ingredients! :S They were edible though and after finding this little beauty, they made me smile! 🙂


smiley face! 🙂

The laffy taffy was just lovely, the right taste of chewiness and delicious fruity flavours. I grabbed the mystery flavour but they come in many different ones!

The nerds just reminded me of my childhood, when I used to buy these every week when they first came out with my pocket money! I f you remember nerds then get these, they taste exactly the same (and create the same facial expressions as the tang hits! :P). If you have never tried nerds, then do! You have been missing out! Where have you been!?

The unexpected panda biscuits were nothing special, just little biscuits filled with chocolate. But they did hit the cute spot, so they would be nice for kids (and big kids! :P)



I had high hopes for the oreo cereal but was a little disappointed! I was expecting a mix of the taste of weetos with some lucky charms thrown in. However the little white pieces that were supposed to represent the filling of an oreo, didnt really have much taste, with or without milk. The little crunchy oreo pieces did taste like oreo though so that was a bonus, but dont expect the milk to turn chocolatey! Good idea though and the packaging was just awesome!


Cybercandy have such a wide selection of poptarts (another favourite from my childhood) but I decided to go with apple studel favour since I had been craving apple strudel for several weeks! They were so good! The fruit mixed with the sugary topping was just amazing and really did taste like strudel! Just make sure if you do buy pop tarts to wait until they cool slightly…burnt mouths are not cool kids! They are not the most healthy of breakfast choices, but they are great as a snack and I’m looking forward to working my way through all the flavours.

I managed to choose everything in my box by using the handy sub categories on the Cybercandy website, which lets you narrow down your search from well known brands like cadbury’s and well known american candies, to the more obscure brands like moomins and candy from Japan and New Zealand. There is sure to be something to suit every taste at Cybercandy and frankly, at these prices, you can’t go wrong! Visit now! You won’t be sorry!