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Rachel Khoo’s madeleines

7 Feb


Having purchased Rachel Khoo’s Little Paris Kitchen cookbook at the end of last year after seeing her BBC series, I was really keen to try my hand at her madeleine recipe. So for Christmas I put a madeleine mould on my wish list and waited hopefully! 🙂

I am glad I got the ingredients the day before I planned to make them, since the recipe requires you to make up the mix and the lemon curd and to store them in the fridge over night. I found this to be quite helpful though if you were planning to make them for a party, since then all you need to do is pop them in the oven for the 10 minutes that they need to bake!

Unfortunately the madeleine mould I had was a mini madeleine mould ( which I didn’t realise until after I started to make them) so I had TONS of mix…and therefore TONS of madeleines! Not a bad thing I suppose! The only difficult part was putting the raspberries in the mix without them overflowing, but enough so that it would encase the raspberries. I also worried about my lemon curd as I didn’t think it was going to thicken up, so I just turned the heat up a little more as I whisked and then as soon as it got to the right consistency I took it off the heat! The baking instructions are rather odd, requiring you to bake them for 5 mins, then turning the oven off for exactly 1 min, before turning the oven to lower temperature and baking for a further 5 mins. Therefore if you plan to make these (and you totally should!) then an oven timer or egg timer would come in handy. The most fun part about this recipe is filling the madeleines with lemon curd using the hole at the top of the raspberries! I could have done that all day!

I was pleasantly surprised at how easy these were to make (despite my lemon curd panic) and will definitely make them again…but perhaps not with raspberries. I really loved the colours the raspberries and curd created, but I found that the raspberry pips put me off a little. Since I didn’t have enough raspberries to cover the amount of madeleines I made, I made some plain ones and some filled with just lemon curd which were just as tasty, especially since the mix has lemon in it also.

I am always happy when my culinary creations come out looking like the photo in the book, and I don’t think I did a bad job for my first attempt at making these little beauties!


I would love to make them again and use a different filling or topping, any suggestions!?

Link to the recipe from the book is here: