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Egyptian Magic Cream- Day Seven

12 Mar

I have to admit, that I haven’t been using the balm as often as I should this week, but after starting to use it every night, it has dramatically improved the condition of the skin on my hands!

My hands definitely are not drying out as fast since the balm is quite greasy, so even after several hand washes my hands don’t have the tightness and start cracking like they would with other creams. It seems to heal cuts overnight, but not get rid of them completely. I’m going to step up my usage when I can, and see if it gets rid of the remaining cracked skin and severe dry patches! I also tried some on my lips the other night as the weather has been really cold, and the next morning my lips were lovely and soft! 🙂

I would love to hear about other people’s experiences with Egyptian Magic! If it completely transforms my hands, as it has done for many excema sufferers, I might look into petitioning for it to be used as an official NHS treatment for excema. Its shocking that not one of my doctors or anyone else has mentioned this cream in all my years of suffering!


Egyptian Magic Cream-Day One

5 Mar

So today I picked up my ‘magic cream’ from the post office and could hardly wait to get it home and try it out! The first thing I noticed was that the tub was A LOT smaller than I thought…(I didn’t really look at the ml).




However, as I opened it up, I realised that it wasn’t a cream but a balm. So you don’t really need to apply much for quite a good coverage.


egyptian 2


The small dip in the balm (as I will now be calling it!) is the amount I used to cover both hands, so the tub should last a long time!


My first impressions of it were good. I spread it all over my hands, including the cracks in my skin, and it didn’t sting or feel itchy! This was a good start for me. I was worried about the smell, as I had read reviews from people saying that the product had a weird ‘chemical’ smell, which I thought was strange since it boasts all natural ingredients, but I couldn’t really smell anything. It just smells like an unscented lip balm. I went to wash my hands about 5 minutes after I had applied the balm and it seemed to stay on my hands pretty well! The skin on my hands was already feeling more soft and supple after just one application, and didn’t leave a tightness like other excema creams did. I went off to work and after washing my hands several times throughout the day, my skin didn’t dry out which is unbelievable for me! I didn’t feel the need to scratch or pick all day.


When I got home I applied a second coat, and it just makes my hands feel wonderful! I can already feel my hands are able to move more fluidly, rather than not being able to bend my fingers due to cracks and severe dryness. The only trouble with this balm is that it is VERY greasy, like many other emollients, so I am finding that applying it when I don’t need to touch anything or do anything is best. I am about to apply a third coat and leave gloves on before I go to bed and see what my hands feel like in the morning.


I am already feeling like this really is a magic cream/balm! Very excited!